A Retirement Planning Overview.

In this session we will discuss preparing your finances to support the retirement lifestyle you desire. How much money will you need? Where will it come from? Are you on target?

In this 1-hour overview, we will cover:

1. How to start thinking about your retirement spending needs

2. Sources of income in retirement

3. Which types of tax advantaged accounts to use for your retirement savings

Plus, a good roadmap provides mile markers to track your progress. You will learn how much you should be savings to achieve the financial future you deserve as you get closer to retirement.

Content is generally best suited for those 45 to 65.

RetirementPrep.org classes are generally held at Seattle area public libraries. These introductory classes are open to the public at no cost. No products or services will be advertised or sold during the meeting. This event is NOT sponsored by The Seattle Public Library.

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